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What am i doin?

2010-06-10 00:16:19 by korielingo

srrry guys i've been trying to finish the animation but yea .. side tracked but no need to fear i have been at least something imm mainly on DA drawing new pics ^~^


2008-03-22 17:10:41 by korielingo

Hihi Mina(hey everyone) its me korielingo bak with good news
im working on something now its called Never Alone. its will
be a will something that came to me and will i want to try it out.
So now i drew the chars and worte the story Line and im kinda
ready. Oh and i made an opening fo assassins a show i made on
youtube. but for some reason i dont know how to turn that file
into a flv or a file that i could but in windows moive maker.but
if you guys know something tell me i really what the thing i
made in flash to be my op for it.
Other news i guess is that im feeling a lil better and im going
to try to finish the shows i've been working on and try so get
more ppl likeing then(more fans)XD well anyways wish me luck
^~^wii ~Korielingo~